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share this important shit 

A message to deviantARTFri Dec 16, 2016, 2:32 AM
Skin by Quiless

I deeply apologize for this, because of several mistakes that I made in this journal I had to do a set of corrections.
Spread this review; highlight it in your journal entries, conferences, organizations, everywhere you can. Deviantart needs to enforce etiquette policy or this site will collapse! This must reach the front page for everyone to view it and spread it. DA team must listen to us!

I refuse to tolerate your double standards that you're performing it because; I'm annoyed about the rebrand. I'm annoyed about your direction, your lack of focus in key areas and your lack of communication. This community uses to be terrific. There were days when you could report a pedophile on this site and you were 100% sure the pedophile or pedophile protector will be banned. After comprehensive changes that you did, this community has started dying, pedophiles, cyber bullies, trolls, spammers, youthful deviants, R34 art; pedophile protectors like Ach-TheNUTS are unmercifully flooding this community every day with their mobbing posts and personal hall of shame. You fired many astonishing operators from this site, like kozispoony2jenngodofodddeviantdxd, and many others. The operators, who cared for this community, who were willing to listen to our problems, to solve them, to help us to make this community greater than ever, you were sold all of that, for a brand new logo and for a subscription that you renamed into CORE. You have no idea what is happening to this site because the money that you're receiving every day blinded you. You dismissed many incredible operators for the team of jokers who are calling themselves the team of lawyers. You lock-down on third-party copyright reporting and made the reporting harder than you should.

The community is not satisfied.

The community didn't detect us.

"Protect yourself!"-- What is your job then? We protect our work by placing a watermark, sign it, and post it under the pretenses on a site related to the art community. Believing that staff members will protect it. When we gather all evidence against widespread copyright infringement, what you get to do? Send us a response that you previously copied and saved to a Microsoft Office document, if you call that professional, then I pity you.

"Try to resolve disputes by conversation!" This is an example most frequently occurs and it's an argument over who is right and who isn't. Robbers dispute to be on the right about stealing people's work because they know the community doesn't care about our problems and our copyrights.

Conversation happens all the time, but they rarely come out better for many people. -Which are the reason why we go to the report alternatives because that is what staff members told us to do from day one?

I'm not sure what are you trying to do here, but it seems like you're trying to preserve any connection with the rules that you wrote. Then again, those commands vary on the time for benefits and that they even folded by the workers themselves, not to mention the change without several members of your site.

We sought a stricter report. -- We got a bloody new layout.
We asked for a more cooperative report team who will do their job than dance around it. -- We got a new message titled as NOTIFICATIONS.
We sought a safer place for our creation. -- we got the team who post garbage like "the art robbery discussion."
We asked them to low the prices of subscriptions. -- They increase the prices of subscriptions and rename it into CORE.

Copyright law only applies to officially copyrighted works. AKA: Works that come from companies and businesses that bought a license for official and complete ownership of that work.

Robbery, by definition, is -- "The action or crime of forging."
Embezzlement, by definition, is -- "Take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it."
Pedophilia, by definition, is -- "A sexual attraction to children."
Pedophile protector, by definition, is -- "A person who defends pedophilia and children pornography, whenever is fictional or real."

Grasp it.

You're enabling one case of looting by inferring another. I'll be frank, I read the journal that you wrote and for the tiny amounts of decent, informative points, there were points that are far more terrible. Many of us are doing all we can to protect our deviations by plastering watermarks and reducing the quality. So even when it's stolen, it's hard to work together with. Now start doing your job and stop, pinning all the stress on us. -- you have a team for a reason, well had.

You're just here to advise, protect, and watch the members of this site. What are your excuse people, and why you are useless these days? Many of your members are kids who don't know a lot about laws and just always want to share their work. A ton of them leaves deviantART because they cannot stand people stealing their deviations and shooting just like it. 

Companies protect the pros that are here and their IP addresses have copyright on them so many of them are safe. Those who have spent 10 + years on this site were sick with the way in which you work and the way you behave towards us. You don't own it you're a host. Therefore, you don't ask a question or a stake in how, when, or what is used. Ownership and rights belong to the creator works. Always will.


TL; DR version: 
Follow what you lecture and educate your members (new and old) if you are ever changing site's rules. Raise their awareness of what rules YOU fulfilled for the site so they know what you and what not allow.

Please, don't discuss what robbery; trolling, cyberbullying and harassment are when you cannot interpret the word itself. You're only going to mislead people who may be unaware of the laws and implications of said laws. Making them more prone to steal or even be stolen from through leniency, lack, or sympathy for college artists.

About deviantART operators don't do their job, nothing should surprise me, nor the Government is planning to rule out a site owing to the way operators act towards us. Knowing how in which U.S. laws and U.S. Constitutions are working it can happen.

If deviantART doesn't do anything to aid in the investigation, the FBI could delete the site for allowing a pedophile to utilize their services. To groom young women for sexual role-plays this falls under the crimes of sexual harassment of a minor and calling for a minor.

I'm getting concerned about this because deviantART could be in deep trouble for permitting this. However, getting a way in which deviantART runs, nothing should amaze us. If that ever happens, the only alternative amounts to save all your hard work on your computer. Make a folder and store your art if it's possible. As for now, stay safe, which is least you, can do.

deviantART, please communicate to your user base please socialize with us. Listen to us, please. I hope that to prevent drama like this from being repeated. (Besides, renew your policy on art robbery, harassment, and trolling, pedophilia, and the pedophilia defense; seriously, that is a prominent problem!)
"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible." – Frank Zappa (December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993)

The future bears down upon each one of us with all the hazards of the unknown. The only way out is through.
—Plutarch (/ˈpluːtɑːrk/; Greek: Πλούταρχος, Ploútarkhos, Koine Greek: [plǔːtarkʰos]; later named, upon becoming a Roman citizen, Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus (Λούκιος Μέστριος Πλούταρχος); c. AD 46 – AD 120)
my brother is gonna become a rulebreaker for mmd and now he is mocking me. gosh he is so annoying. he has a fuckboy voice btw. and he is gonna make an account that nobody will know. yeah idc about him. lets just deactivate his account. yeah he'll probably redistribute silverdreamyrose's and drasisw's and jacbocford's models. and know he said that he is going to make multiple accounts. someone give him AIDS
Tagged By (-♥-) :iconmmd-aries: MMD-Aries 

this is atleast a nice tag
- Name: Yazeed. worst name ever in history (its YA-zzeey-d

- Single or taken: Single cause dur i dont want to

- Sex: Male

- Birthday: March 3rd

- Star Sign: Ignored loner! 

- Hair color: Dark brown

- Eye color: Dark brown

- Height: 151-152 centimeter 4 foot 10 or 11

- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Straight
- What kind of shampoo do you use?: 

- What are you listening to right now?: Nothing

- Who is the last person that called you?: MY sheep
- How many buddies are online right now?: 3..


- Animal: Sheep cats and dogs

- Colour: orenges 

- Drink: Strawberry milk

- Food: Burgers, pizza

- Game: Love Live: School idol festival

- Movie: 

- Song: anything that includes the songs that black people sing/ like the raps? like drake and all (no racisim) yeh that kind.

- T.V Show: nothing
H A V E | Y O U | E V E R

- Given anyone a bath?: does myself count?

- Smoked?: well..Only paper..

- Bungee jumped?: Nope

- Made yourself throw up?: to get out of school? yeah

- Ever been in love?: no

- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: yeah

- Pictured your crush naked?: im lonely and i dont have a crush

- Actually seen your crush naked?: even though i dont have one and that'll be disgusting so no 

- Cried when someone died?: for my bunny.

- Lied: Several times xD

- Fallen for your best friend?: ew no

- Used someone?: no

- Done something you regret?: Well..That one time where i played with fire and putted it on tissue? yeah my uncle caught us me and my cousin xD 

- Clothes: black with white sparkles with a white guy jumping. yeah saudi's clothes are lame 

- Desktop picture: too cringey to show  

- CD in player: nothing

- DVD in player: nothing

L A S T | P E R S O N

- You touched: my grandma (shes sooo nice =w=)

- Hugged: Grandmaa! 

- You kissed: grandmaa!

- You IMed: wut

- Talk to online: no one im lonely. forgot?

- You sexed it up with: ew no i bet i will never cause im ignored and lonely
A R E | Y O U

- Understanding?: nu

- Open-minded?: nope

- Arrogant?: sometimes

- Insecure?:  nu

- Random?:  uh huh

- Hungry?: ye

- Smart?: what no

- Organized?: nu

- Shy?: yea

- Difficult?: nuuu

- Bored easily?: yus

- Entertained easily?: nuuuu! 

- Obsessed: nah

- Lazy?: yee

- Angry?: yep

- Happy?: no

- Hyper?: no

- Trusting?: kinda

- In the morning: I get woken up by mama's yelling

- Love is: shit

- I dream about: weird shit 

- What do you notice first in the sex you're into?: I said iM LONELY YOU FORGOT ANYTHING I SAID ;;

- Makes you laugh the most: nobody

- Makes you smile: nobody

D O | Y O U | E V E R

- Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: no

- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: kinda

- Wish you were younger?: yea.

- Cry because someone said something to you?: shitloadda times


- Of times I have had my heart broken?: 2408496720948672049672095674280967209847398475268934652893475869247745629487515048734156394872346057983415384 times 

- Of Cd's: idk

- Of bones I've broken: 1
I tag these ppl

I'm not really happy with this..My hard work for modeling is of course for nothing. I don't get why im making it even though its for nothing. None of my friends check me or even bother to say hello. 
I have some really great news! I never told you this or did i? idfk but. my top priority Model is almost finished well SCHOOL UNIFORM BASE!! original top texture made by me!! and all i need is 1 simple thing. a ribbon! or a bow.
Me and kgftbz are not friends anymore. Due to private thing i cant tell you. He did it too much on his server and that made me mad. So i got too harassed from it. I told kgftbz we cant be friends anymore. This is bad news to me and him. But Probably someday we'll be friends again. I hope you all understand that...Sorry guys.. You can still do kgftbz models.
  • Listening to: Aqours x µ's
  • Reading: This
  • Watching: none
  • Playing: PMX Editor
  • Eating: i typed bithub while trying to type nothing lol
  • Drinking: nothing


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